Parenting when Separated programme

Barnardos are running a free 6-week Parenting When Separated course that will be delivered online in January. For more details or to register please contact Bridgett directly on 086 461 3570.

This is a practical and positive evidence-based course for parents, who are preparing for , going through or have gone through a separation or divorce.

Family separation can put extra stress on parents and children and brings new challenges. The Parenting when Separated Programme is a six week course that highlights practical steps parents can take to help their children cope and thrive as well as coping successfully themselves.

The course will help parents:

  • Solve co-parenting problems in a positive way which focuses on the needs of their children
  • Create practical arrangements for children that minimise stress and conflict
  • Improve communication with their children and with their children’s other parent
  • Cope with the emotional impact of separation and learn stress management techniques
  • Help their children cope emotionally with the separation 
  • Deal with the challenges of lone parenting or being a ‘live away’